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    How our service works - UKS Medical

The patient journey

Accessing private medical treatment needn’t be daunting and at UKS Medical we make sure that it isn’t. We can take care of organising your treatment privately, avoiding any lengthy waits and taking the hassle out of arranging appointments.

An initial consultation can be arranged within 48 hours of contacting UKS Medical. You will be able to choose from our extensive network of consultants and hospitals, with an appointment made at a time and date that suits you.

With the payment for this first part of our service received, a dedicated case handler will be your single point of contact throughout your patient journey, arranging appointments, chasing results and following up after treatment.

Female consultant with female patient
Once you’ve met with your consultant, UKS Medical will provide you with details of any recommendations for further treatment, usually within five working days. This will include details of what the treatment would cost, including consultant’s fee, hospital’s fee and anaesthetist’s fee, along with an idea of timescale. It’s then left up to you to decide whether to go ahead with any or all of the recommendations, with no obligation to do so.

Should you wish to proceed, and with payment for treatment received, a mutually convenient time and location for surgery will be arranged with your consultant.

Surgery over and your case handler will be back in touch to ensure any questions or concerns you may have are answered quickly. As long as you want to continue with private medical treatment UKS Medical will continue to manage the process for you, until you are discharged by your consultant.

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